Haiku Hotline, Vol. 11: Bees

The Haiku Hotline is a miniature weekly poetry journal, solicited via text & voicemail. You can listen to this installment at the end of this episode.



Planes gas Dibrom clouds;
bees acceptable losses
over mosquitoes.


Flowers Have Secret
Blue Halos That Bumblebees
Can See By Ed Yong

~ZACH PINT, Elko New Market, MN
(found in The Atlantic)

 “Something I learned about bees in the wee hours of the morning a couple weeks ago”

Bees don’t have hearts like we do–
just one meek little tube that
varies in thickness across their
thorax and abdomen and back up again.

I stumbled across this on accident
but now I wonder how bee blood is pumped,
or how it delivers oxygen,
or if bees even have lungs.

~HAZEL JACOBS, Montevideo, MN


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